Creating new devices should be fun!

We believe that everyone can build what they need, once they have the right tools. ELFblocks is closing the gap between what few engineers can do in a month and what anyone can do in 5 minutes.

Our mission is to help people have more time to enjoy their lives, and forget about repetitive boring tasks. With ELFblocks, creating custom electronic devices takes just a few minutes. The power of the DIY movement is available to everyone.

Modular automation blocks

ELFblocks are a set of small electronic blocks that can be connected together to produce various automation gadgets.
Each ELFblock has one simple purpose. The way you connect individual block defines what the connected configuration will do. They are incredibly easy to use!

ELFblocks are sensor-oriented. There are sensor blocks for detecting:

Movement, Air Quality, Sound Volume, Temperature, Weight, Power Consumption, and much more.

Sensors can trigger other blocks based on changes in the environment.
That way you don't have to do things manually - you can define threshold above or below which sensor block will trigger next block connected to it, and that block can execute various actions based on its type.

ELFblocks can also be controlled from your smartphone (through iOS and Android app), using Bluetooth block when you're near, or remotely over the internet using Wi-Fi block. You can also trigger blocks manually using buttons, magnets, or wall switches.

ELFblocks configuration
Incredibly easy to use

Nothing can go wrong. Blocks can't be connected incorrectly - it’s impossible to make a mistake. Just connect a few blocks together and they'll work (no installation is required).
Experimenting is easy - blocks can show the signal going through each block by illuminating the contacts between blocks. And all sensors can be triggered manually to test the configuration.

The way each block works is extremely simple, there is nothing hidden going on:

Block only interacts with blocks directly connected to it.
Block receives input signal from blocks connected to it through USB plug (sensors don't need input signal), and generates output signal to block connected to it through USB receptacle (action blocks don't generate output signal).
Each block decides in a specific way when to send output signal, based on sensor value or based on received input signal.

Unhackable by design

When it comes to our home, the security standard we're using on our computers aren't enough. The security has to be dramatically improved.
That's why we created the world's most secure home automation kit.

ELFblocks are designed to use read-only memory, which means they can't be hacked, since there is nothing that can be changed by the attacker.
The only information that's stored in the blocks are a few numbers, e.g. the threshold which defines when to trigger the sensor. To ensure that even that information can't be misused, the memory where those numbers are saved is extremely limited (less than 1KB), and it can only be changed by physically interacting with controls on individual block (smartphone app can't change it).

Configuration is connected to the internet only if you want it to be. To trigger the blocks from internet you have to add the Wi-Fi block, and to interact with smartphone app you have to add the Bluetooth block or HomeKit block. Without those blocks configuration can't interact online - it's completely under your control.
That way the only risk is in user's smartphone being compromised, but even then all that can be done is trigger output signal or read received signal - nothing more.
To make it even more secure, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi blocks come in two flavors: as input blocks and as output blocks. Input blocks can only send the signal, while output blocks can only listen to received signal - that way you only use what you need.

We believe people shouldn't have to trust someone else to secure their home, they should have the full control.

Runs forever

ELFblocks are powered by adding Power block between any two blocks in the configuration. ELFblocks are enormously power efficient - they can be powered by single Power block for more than 30 days.
Power block can be recharged using USB cable, or using small solar panel. ELFblocks can run forever with a small solar panel attached to Power block. Solar panel only needs a few hours of ambient light per day to power the configuration.

Smartphone app

Blocks can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth block.
Smartphone app (for iOS and Android) can be set up to do custom action when it receives the signal from Bluetooth block:

call someone, send email, send SMS, beep, vibrate, tweet or navigate to some url.

App can also collect data about sensor readings, and trigger actions based on changes. This is also a great way to make use of you old smartphone.

Decentralized, reliable and fast

There is no central block needed for configuration to work, which makes it very reliable.
ELFblocks are extremely fast - it takes just a few millisecond for signal to propagate through the configuration.

Advanced blocks

Some ELFblocks can do advanced functions needed for more customized configurations (green connector).

And/Or block can be used to perform any logical function between two inputs.
State block can remember 1 bit of information that can be set, toggled or cleared.
Counter block can be used to count the number of times it received the signal, and trigger output when it counts above some value.
Delay block is used for delaying or filtering input signal through time.

There are multiple output blocks (blue connector).

Power Socket block can control power socket through add-on plugged into it, so that any device plugged into the add-on receives power when this block receives input signal.
Remote block can record signal from any remote controller and reproduce it when it receives input signal.
Buzzer block can turn on LED or produce sound when input signal is received.
Relay block can be used to directly integrate ELFblocks with other electronic device by providing two relays which can be controlled in pre-recorded pattern.

BTW. 'ELF' in ELFblocks stands for Electronic Feedback.

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